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Writer/Content Developer

OffWhite specializes in integrated marketing services for a range of companies. These include but are not limited to life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and industrial and technology companies. We provide content marketing solutions for a variety of B2B clients.
Our writer positions require an ability to simplify the complex, but also the curiosity to discover value in products and services, and help build marketing language for use in all media, from print to social and beyond.  Successful writers in this field must already have strong writing proficiency and understand content marketing.
This position is part of a team that includes project management, strategic planning, creative expression, graphic design and articulation of all material through a suite of electronic and print media.

Job Environment

  • Complete all of the above in a dynamic, challenging workspace, with shifting priorities and deadlines, with teamwork and enthusiasm.
  • Willingness to work at a distance; limited amount of work will be face to face with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Heavy use of conference calling, GoToMeetings/WebEx, field work and other means of indirect interaction are to be expected.
  • A self-direction to the business side of your work is expected; an understanding of timelines and constraints, sufficiency vs. perfection, and scope of work are a must. Navigation and understanding of client organizations – either as part of a team or on your own – are important.
  • Commitment to carry out work in a manner that requires planning and information systems to schedule, communicate, and account for your work and its interaction with other elements of the firm.

Job Summary

  • Perform cursory research in advance of interviewing SMEs
  • Prepare outlines and information maps in advance of content development
  • Write preliminary drafts for review with SMEs, clients and OffWhite staff
  • Manage compliance with client and/or industry specific lexicon
  • Edit, standardize or revise material prepared by other writers or subject matter experts
  • Write protocols, technical reports, white papers, application briefs, case histories and other content marketing pieces for clients or tools for use in internal and customer education and training
  • Manage outsourced writing alliance partners in project-specific work
  • Build presentations, new product releases, and other writing in support of internal and client customers
  • Map and outline websites, existing and new
  • Assist in editing blogs, social media content, content optimization, and other projects typically associated with business-to-business marketing

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Proven experience
  • Writer first, ability to learn and self-teach second, and ability to deliver clear, concise and common sense copy third
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs of use in preparing drafts such as Excel, PowerPoint
  • PC or Mac
  • Must have the ability and patience to stop, learn and explain before moving forward in a subject matter area, even when on deadlines.
  • Must form questions and seek answers where appropriate
  • Able to work with new material or information to grasp its implications
  • Must be comfortable learning about new technology without the need to become an expert in all of its layers (We work with many clients in many markets. Their SMEs are there to help us help them.)
  • Curiosity about how things work
  • Thorough understanding of English grammar, syntax and punctuation
  • Proficiency in editing and proofreading for specified style and with respect to nuances of tone and meaning
  • Ability to help create infographics, matrices, tables, charts and other language shortcuts to minimize copy required to explain features, functions and benefits


  • Familiarity with Adobe InCopy
  • Previous experience in life science, technological, industrial or scientific environments a plus.

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