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The Science of Branding
Published by Nat Miller, March 12th, 2013
Building a good brand is a science, it's complex, multi-faceted, and incorporates a number of disciplines. Yet when done right, the final result is a strong corporate presence that is recognizable and delivers a succinct company promise. At OffWhite, this is what we do. We work with clients to build industry-leading brands utilizing a sound communications strategy leveraged through an integrated marketing platform to create a perception that resonates with customers.
Many seem to believe that the term brand means “logo” or “mark”, however, while interrelated, they are not the same thing. The logo makes up one piece of the corporate identity, which is a combination of the corporate mark; visual system (typeface, colors, imagery); and editorial tone working together to deliver a single, cohesive, message for a company or idea. Once this message is projected to the industry and consumers, a company’s true brand is realized within the market.
The brand is the perception formed by the audience about the company, and is the culmination of all the components used to communicate on behalf of the organization—the logo, the visuals and images, the identity program, the collateral items, the messages, the products and actions of those selling for or working within the organization. The brand is built by the perception of the audience, not by the designer, and perception is non-negotiable. What is your brand saying about you? 
Let OffWhite help develop a message and marketing strategy to differentiate you from the competition. For more information contact Bill White or Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610.
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