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Published by Bill White , August 21st, 2015
Inherent Stability in Digital Marketing
The first time I sat at the controls of a helicopter the pilot said “This is like a bumblebee; it’s not supposed to fly but it does.” The first time I sat at the controls of an airplane my pilot friend pushed the throttle forward and said “Don’t be afraid of it; it wants to fly”.  And it did.
The difference, I learned, was one of inherent stability. Properly designed, the airplane wants to fly. The helicopter does not. It has no inherent stability. You have to create it by managing collective and cyclic pitch, rotor speed and rudder controls.
This obtuse comparison is a perfect metaphor for managing the new algorithmic mysteries of search engine optimization to optimize page rankings and intelligent content enriched by metadata. A few years ago, if you wrote the copy and it was well done, readable and accurate, it would be understood. Inherent stability.
This is no longer good enough. Content marketing, according to industry expert Ann Rockley, “. . . is structurally rich, semantically aware and . . . automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable”.
As marketing people, we depend on the internet and digital marketing platforms to distribute our content as far and as high as it can go. Amid a crowded landscape, everyone has a message. The push to the top is brutal. Today, brute force and big bucks are no longer keys to success when it comes to showing up on search engines. We have to finesse our way into the equation using a combination of tools all related to content.
No matter what you call this new discipline – content optimization, intelligent content, whatever – there are good ways and useless ways to approach the balancing act. The good ways involve managing analytics, processing feedback, adjusting what we say on a website or in social media, and watching the impact of our changes as they propagate throughout cyberspace.
The days of writing good content and letting it fly are over. Good content doesn’t want to fly; it has to be flown, and the only inherent stability we can count on is the stability we create with hands-on control. Without expertise and a keen understanding of algorithms, traveling through the digital world can be a white knuckle experience.
Don’t try this at home. Find someone you can trust, work with them and enjoy the ride. Click here for more on Intelligent Content. To discuss how we can assist with the challenges you're facing with content optimization contact Jane Cirigliano or Bill White at 800-606-1610.
Published by Jane Cirigliano, August 13th, 2015
Targeting Millennials
As part of any marketing program, determining your audience and developing targeted messaging are key. Many B2B companies' campaigns target older audiences with traditional consumer pathway thinking. Are you missing out on a valuable audience?
Millennials, born after 1981, are reaching the stage in their careers where they have decision-making power. The millennial generation now makes up over 25% of the population in the U.S., and should be a key target for most companies. Millennials' purchasing activity and thinking is different from previous generations. They are much more hands-on in terms of product research before purchase, actively seeking recommendations before making purchasing decisions and engaging with brands they trust. 
According to a study performed by AdWeek, 93% of millennials have purchased a product after hearing about it from a friend or family member. They tend to trust personal recommendations over claims made by a brand, and even value anonymous reviews on websites such as Amazon more than reviews on a company's website.
Consider this:
  • 93% of millennials read reviews before making a purchase
  • 71% browse online and then purchase in stores
  • 68% of millennials don’t care about celebrity endorsements
  • 66% follow brands on social media
  • 38% feel that brands using social media are more trustworthy and accessible
Purchasing trends show that younger audiences do their homework before they share their contact information with companies. They research products online, read reviews and ask friends and colleagues for advice before they contact a sales representative or request information online. How many new leads are you missing by not appealing to millennials?
Why You Should Care
Half of millennials talk to their parents every day. By reaching millennials, you also reach an older generation. Their role as influencers makes them invaluable as brand advocates both in social communities and with their friends and families. Millennials also tend to be early adopters when it comes to new products and technology, so reaching them early can make all the difference in the success of new products.
Make sure that your marketing plan for 2016 includes activities targeted to reach and engage millennials. Contact Abby Spung or Bill White to get started today.
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