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Your logo needs to be innovative, memorable and coincide with the integrity of your corporate brand.
There are typically two main types of logo projects: the complete build of a logo from scratch or the redesign (or remediation, as we call it here at OffWhite) of an existing logo.
When a new logo is needed, our job is to develop a logo that not only looks nice, but also conveys the mission, goals, culture, experiences and personality of your company. If you feel attached to your current logo – as most companies do because of its historical and emotional value – but feel it needs a slight makeover, we create a remediated logo that seamlessly combines the old with the new.
Sunpower Logo Biosafe Life Sciences Logo Stirling Ultracold Logo
For more information on logo design and remediation, check out some of our favorite past projects or fill out the form below to speak to our design team about what we can do for you.
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