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Lancer Lab Sterilizers Interactive PDFs
Product Roll-out: Lancer Lab Sterilizers
OffWhite worked with Lancer to help introduce their new laboratory steam sterilizer line to the US market. Kick-off projects included literature for the sterilizer series and interactive specification sheets. Lancer sales reps configure customers’ desired sterilizers with options and accessories using the specification sheets like interactive order forms. 
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 Air Science Product Guides
Air Science Pocket Brochures
OffWhite recently completed two product pocket guides for Air Science. Each guide focuses on a particular market segment – laboratory and forensic. As Air Science’s product lines grow, these pocket guides help customers select from equipment designed specifically for their needs. The pocket guides were designed with trade shows and events in mind. They are small and easy to transport.
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 Panasonic BSC Launch
Panasonic Healthcare BSC Launch Campaign
OffWhite created a full product launch campaign to introduce the Panasonic Healthcare BSC, which completes the company’s product offerings for the cell culture market. We developed an infographic to show Panasonic Healthcare’s commitment to customer success by providing total lab solutions to prep, process, grow, store and preserve research. The BSC launch campaign also included product sheets, a brochure, an eblast, a landing page, a news release, airflow diagrams and an FAQ sales tool.
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