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The Aud.it Process
The OffWhite Aud.it™ identifies, evaluates and scores five major aspects of your current marketing plan.
Planning and Developing
Your Marketing Strategy
Defining Your Brand Strategy
and Managing Your Brand
Understanding and Managing
Your Customers
Executing Your
Marketing Plan
Evaluating and Improving
Your Marketing Efforts
Scoring and Analysis
The sub-components within each major focal area is scored on a scale of 1 to 5 for current program effectiveness and potential impact.
Aud.it Score
Aud.it ReportReporting Summary
Following analysis, OffWhite compiles a report on your existing marketing efforts, develops a strategic direction moving forward. The delivered plan includes our thoughts on strategy, positioning, and the tools needed to deliver on your goals.
Your plan is tailored to your business. Our recommendations, consider your audience, as well as the products and services you provide, ensuring the media types and styles mesh with your specific constituents. Based on these recommendations, we provide a Marketing Component Analysis that provides you with a clear picture of the expected ROI and the suggested marketing measurement tools.
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