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It's Time to Move to the Cloud
Published by Bill White, CEO , August 5th, 2013
Cloud Part Two
You could say we have our head in the "cloud" here at OffWhite. As discussed in our last blog, there are real benefits in using cloud-based technology. Adobe’s Creative Cloud lets us work from anywhere, with anyone, at virtually any time, because everything we need can be stored and accessed online. But keep in mind that the cloud isn’t exclusive to us "creatives." In fact, in response to the needs of our clients, we developed our very own digital marketing platform, Ed.it™2, to operate in the cloud.
Our platform reflects our investments in digital innovations and the creation of tools that help our clients manage their email marketing, social media, websites and more. Our Ed.it™2 modules are displayed in an elegant interface that acts as a digital marketing dashboard. The power of these intuitive tools and the fact they can be accessed all in one place allows our clients to launch, control and monitor their digital marketing communications— whenever, from wherever— without any programming knowledge.
To learn how Ed.it2 can simplify your digital marketing efforts, contact us today.
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