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Is your brand a hero, villain or an extra?
People, even very technical and scientific people, don’t buy your product in a vacuum. They come into contact with a variety of influences before making a purchasing decision: how and when they heard of you, what management and their peers/ colleagues have to say about you, and what the competition is saying about themselves to name a few. All of these influences add up to create an overall impression in the mind of your customer that tells them if your brand is good, bad or mediocre.
On an average day consumers are exposed to 6,000 advertisements and, each year, to more than 25,000 new products... Brands help consumers cut through the proliferation of choices available in every product and service category.
-Scott M. Davis, Brand Asset Management
The success of your business relies on your ability to form, maintain and elevate your brand amidst the volumes of information that detract from and conflict with your brand message. Our 4-D branding process can help.
  1. Discovery: What do you stand for and what makes you stand out?
  2. Design: How can we make the look and feel of your brand address the needs of your internal and external stakeholders?
  3. Delivery: How do we give life and volume to your brand while maintaining a balance of flexibility and consistency?
  4. Discipline: Are you ready to manage your brand?
Once your customers know who you are and why you’re different, the sales will follow.

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