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Manage your marketing program whenever, wherever you choose with the OffWhite Ed.it™2 System. Ed.it™2 has an intuitive user interface and approachable interactive design features. Ease of use does not translate into lack of features, however, as Ed.it™2 provides robust control of your web content, social media, email marketing, analytics and more all within a completely customizable platform to fit your business needs.
Below are a few examples of recent Ed.it™2 websites that portray not only the convenience of the Ed.it™2 platform, but also the robust, fully custom development process that goes into each website that OffWhite builds.  Additional in-depth examples are below.
Pharmaceutical Commerce, New York, NY
Ed.it™2 allows businesses to utilize their online space not only as a branding presence, but also as an interactive information delivery engine. The Pharmaceutical Commerce website features the full editorial content of Pharmaceutical Commerce magazine plus web-only features including a powerful search engine and online article archive. 
This particular website build is quite unique as OffWhite incorporated numerous modules to assist in the functionality and interactivity of online content.
The OffWhite scope of work included:
- Organization and architecture of website
- Overall website design and build
- Copy writing
- Migration of extensive magazine article archive into searchable online article database
- Integration of subscription service with third-party service provider
- Development of an image and content sliding panel for featured articles
- Development and integration of registered users area of website
- Development and architecture of video and white paper upload module for advertisers
- Ad banner creation
Ed.it 2 News Article Editor

Hearing Health Foundation, New York, NY
One of the major benefits of Ed.it™2 is the ability to customize online solutions based on the needs of the business, and the Hearing Health Foundation website is a great example of this type of development. Hearing Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded as the Deafness Research Foundation in 1958 by Collette Ramsey Baker. The mission of Hearing Health Foundation is to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research.
The Hearing Health Foundation website serves as a repository for information as well as an area of interaction and awareness for site visitors. OffWhite worked with Hearing Health Foundation's New York-based agency to design this site, utilizing Ed.it™2 as the platform on which to build its functionality.
Areas of note as you click through this site include:
- Fully customized donations / ecommerce module
- Facebook app development and management through Ed.it™2
- Personalized "Share Your Story" module
- Interactive dictionary feature
- Interactive timeline outlining the foundation's accomplishments
- Custom designed magazine subscription module
- Interactive polls
- Custom dropdown menu development
- Password-protected login area for the board of directors (separate from other web content)
Ed.it 2 Custom Module
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