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Google AdWords Makes Change to Better Track Cross-Device Conversions

Google continues to make updates and improvements to its cross-device conversions metric which was first introduced three years ago. Starting this September, Google will begin including cross-device conversions under the main conversions column automatically. This change moves the information from the “Cross-Device Conversion” column where it has previously existed and removes the option to manually include the metric under “Conversions.”

What it is

Cross-device conversions track the full search to purchase process of online customers, regardless of multiple devices. Online shoppers who are signed into their Google account across devices, like mobile phones, tablets and desktops, can be tracked to show device usage throughout the conversion process. This means clicks on a Google AdWords pay-per-click ad that originate on one internet enabled device are tracked throughout the search and purchase process on any other device.

Cross-device conversions is still relatively new to Google AdWords. Yet a growing reliance on a variety of internet enabled devices makes it more beneficial than ever to track these conversions. Google’s push to increase visibility of cross-device metrics demonstrates the increased need for companies to invest in responsive website design if they have not already done so. According to Google, “61% of internet users and over 80% of online millennials start shopping on one device but continue or finish on a different one.”

Why it matters

Marketers know the importance of mobile readiness and tracking. Moving cross-device conversion to the main tab makes it easier to find this information and continue, or start, tracking these conversions. Setting up attribution allows you to actually give credit to mobile users for conversions that previously defaulted as desktop users. This provides a more accurate picture of mobile conversions and, ultimately, the ROI for responsive website designs.

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