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Clients (Partial List)
OffWhite specializes in integrated marketing communications for clients in life science, biomedical, industrial, healthcare, education and financial markets. Our focus is on strategic planning and tactical solutions which we bring to life through content development and new media.
Over the past 30 years, we have been privileged to work with more than 80 companies in the life science and technology industries.
2006 ACEA Biosciences, San Diego, CA  
1998 Actimed, Inc., Burlington, NJ  
2008 Air Sciences, LLC, Fort Myers, FL  
1996 Amoco Performance Products, Marietta, OH  
1985 Analytical Products Group, Inc., Belpre, OH  
1988 APV Crepaco, Chicago, IL  
1990 Asepco, Inc., Chicago,IL  
1987 Atlantic Coast Consultants, LLC, Chapel Hill,  NC  
1996 Baker Company, Sanford, ME  
1990 Baxter Healthcare, McGar Park, IL  
2012 Biomedical Sales Consultants, Houston, TX  
2008 Biosafe Engineering, Inc., Indianapolis, IN  
2011 STI BioSAFE, Brownsburg, IN  
1995 BioWhittaker, Inc., Frederick, VA  
1993 Caltec, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada  
1996 Cambridge Technologies, Inc., Columbus, OH  
1987 Caron Products, Marietta, OH  
1988 CD Medical, Inc., Lake Mary, FL  
1987 Chevron Chemicals, Belpre, OH  
2008 Consolidated Sterilizer Systems, Inc., Boston, MA    
2010 Cool Containers, LLC, Reno, OH  
1997 Copeland Refrigeration, Sidney, OH  
2000 Design Innovation Group, Asheville, NC  
2001 Design Services Network, Sidney, OH  
1993 Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc. (Quidel), Athens, OH  
1990 Diagnostic Medical Center, Charleston, WV  
2005 Drug Discovery News, Rocky River, OH  
2005 Elpro Scientific, USA, Marietta, OH  
2006 Emerson Climate Technologies, Sidney, OH  
2005 Esco Micro Pty, Ltd., Changi,Singapore  
1993 Excel Medical Laboratories, Reno, OH  
2003 Farrar Scientific, Inc., Reno, OH  
1999 Fisher Scientific, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA  
1988 Flow Laboratories, Inc., McClean, VA  
1989 Flowtronics, Inc., Phoenix, AZ  
1985 Forma Scientific, Inc. (Thermo) Marietta, OH  
1994 FTS Systems, Inc., Stone Ridge, NY  
1988 Geltech, Inc., Salem, OH  
2006 Gem Scientific, Inc., Phliadelphia, PA  
2007 GenArt, Asheville, NC  
1997 General Signal, Inc., Asheville, NC  
2001 Genetics Diagnostic Laboratory, Buffalo, NY  
2009 Global Scientific Equipment, Singapore  
1997 Greiner America, LLC, Lake Mary, FL  
1986 Grimm Scientific Industries, Inc., Marietta, OH  
1987 Harris Manufacturing, North Billerica, MA  
1995 Healthcare Logistics Corporation, Chillicothe, OH  
2011 Hearing Health Foundation, New York, NY  
1999 Helmer, Inc., Noblesville, IN  
1992 Heraeus, Inc., Chicago, IL  
1996 IKA Works, Wilmington, NC  
1993 Jencons, Ltd., Bridgeville, PA  
1990 Jewett Refrigeration Company, Buffalo, NY  
2001 Kendro Laboratory Products, Newtown, CT  
1989 LabEquipCo, Hayward, CA  
1987 LabRepCo, Horshamp, PA  
1995 Lancer USA, Sanford, FL  
2012 Lauren AgriSystems, New Philadelphia, OH  
1999 Leica Microsystems, Inc., Buffalo,NY  
1986 LH Fermentation, Porton Down, UK  
1994 Lindberg/Blue M, Asheville, NC  
1998 Mettler-Toledo; Worthington, OH  
2009 Microbac Laboratories, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA  
1985 ModuSystems, Inc., Marietta, OH  
1988 Molemaster, Inc., Marietta OH  
2008 Mondo Polymer Technologies, Inc., Marietta, OH  
1994 Nationwide Care, Inc., Indianapolis, IN  
2002 New England Scientific Associates, Nashua, NH  
1985 Nuaire, Inc., Plymouth, MN  
1987 Ohio Valley Specialty Chemicals, Reno, OH  
1999 Perkin-Elmer Life Sciences, Akron, OH  
2012 Pharmaceutical Commerce, New York, NY  
1988 Polymicro Technologies, Inc., Phoenix, AZ  
2000 Polytemp Scientific, BV, Amsterdam  
1987 Puffer-Hubbard Refrigeration, Asheville, NC  
1985 Queue Systems, Inc., Parkersburg, WV  
2000 R&D Scientific, Inc., Newark,  NJ  
1991 Revco Scientific, Inc., Asheville, NC  
1987 Rheem Scientific, Weaverville, NC  
2011 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., Gilbertsville, PA  
1997 SANYO Biomedical, Osaka, Japan; Chicago, IL  
1986 Scimetrics, Inc., Stafford, TX  
1989 Shell Chemical, Belpre, OH  
1988 Southern Purity, Inc., Houston, TX  
2010 Stirling Ultracold, Global Cooling, Inc., Athens, OH  
2005 Sunpower, Inc., Athens, OH  
1987 Tabai ESPEC USA, Princeton, NJ  
1990 VWR, Philadelphia, PA  
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