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New CMS Simplifies Website Maintenance from Any Personal Device, From Any Location

Ed.it2 phoneOffenberger & White, Inc., (OffWhite) today announced the launch of its™2 content management system (CMS) developed for browser-based website management and editing. Marketed as™2, the new system permits management of websites from personal devices such as iPhones, iPads, PCs or other computers with access to a conventional Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/4GLTE or other cellular connections.

Configured as a modular solution scalable over a range of website utilities customized for each website,™2 is the fifth generation version of the firm’s original CMS initiated in 1999. According to Bill White, CEO of the Marietta-based marketing firm, the new content manager is centered on a secure, icon-driven dashboard with intuitive access to all website functions. “It is a very friendly system”, White emphasizes. “Pages, databases, image and document libraries, analytics, metrics, user privileges, site administration and mass email functions can be managed from the dashboard whenever you want and from wherever you are, eliminating delays and reducing the need for third-party assistance.” Central to the™2 capability is a Simple Edit function that provides real-time editing on live pages whenever the user is logged in. “If you see a typo, simply click the icon, make the change and save”, White said. “The changes are immediate. And, if you make a mistake, you can undo it just as quickly.” The™2 content management system was developed internally by the OffWhite staff in response to client demand for a simple, affordable yet powerful solution to website management in business, industrial, educational and healthcare venues.

Jane Cirigliano, the firm’s Director of Digital Media and project supervisor, said the new™ platform is already operating on websites for a number of clients who have contributed valuable input through beta reviews. “The electronic media are no longer a novelty in business”, says Cirigliano. “The entire spectrum, from websites to social media, must be orchestrated to complement one message with another.™2 embraces things we are doing today such as mobile websites, interactive document and digital publishing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, frankly, whatever is new tomorrow.” Chris Hlubb, the firm’s chief programmer, said™2 is a synthetic solution using code built by OffWhite and others around the world, compiled into a proprietary process based on open source languages well supported by the IT community. “It was our objective to take the mystery out of website management”, said Hlubb.

“We invested the last three years in refining our original™ platform, which we completed with a graphical user interface designed by our creative department led by Abby Spung and Steven Hollis.” “The graphical interface,” says Spung, “is the result of an examination of leading content management systems on the market, big and small. We have eliminated complexity, created a more intuitive experience and made sure all functions are available through both visual and technical access.” Nathaniel Miller, the company’s technical writer, says™2 will help clients achieve better search engine rankings. “Search engine algorithms such as Google are evolving hourly to examine website copy, which means content optimization is critical”, explains Miller. “The Simple Editor accelerates this process and encourages continuous fine tuning necessary at all levels within the website.”

OffWhite is demonstrating live website applications of™2 at a series of Lunch and Learn programs starting Wednesday, August 8, 2012. 

For more information, reservations or to arrange a personal demonstration visit or contact the Jodie Reiter, 740-373-9010,

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