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Our Process
Systematic marketing integrated across media and venues.
The first step we take to become your knowledgeable marketing consultant is understanding your business and its position in the marketplace through the Aud.it discovery process. We get to know your people and become familiar with your competitors within the market. Next, we work with you to "learn what it is we don't know we don't know." Once we have completed an initial overview, we help you develop a marketing strategy to effectively capitalize on your strengths.
Following development of the strategic approach, we make specific, actionable recommendations that will enable you to execute your strategies and achieve your long-term goals. We integrate diverse communications strategies to deliver a complete life science marketing package through our core service areas. 
Finally, we have all the tools and expertise to help implement and deploy your marketing plan in ways that meet your strategic needs and your budget.
Marketing Incubation
Just as business incubation offers start-up companies a favorable environment to thrive in, our concept of marketing incubation is designed to help starting and growing life science companies develop their marketing muscles.
OffWhite works with you to identify your particular marketing needs and customize a plan for your business and budget. We help fill any gaps in your current marketing mix, including constructing a marketing plan, graphic design and creative services, traditional media messaging, social media, website development and search engine optimization. We also work with you to design and implement a robust and well-rounded long-term marketing plan. We even give you all the files and materials so that you can take your marketing operations back in-house once you have your own staff in place.
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