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Podcasts can significantly increase your search rankings among common engines, and, combined with social media and other current tools, podcasts can educate, enlighten and inform. Our focus on audio podcasts is based on the inherent flexibility of audio podcast production and distribution.
Podcasts are viewed as one of the marketing industry's most flexible and informative pathways to customer education, case histories, product information and thought leadership. Our podcasts are individually tailored to the needs and objectives of each client. We can include key employees, management, executives, customers or channel distribution resources.
All audio podcasts are produced and edited at OffWhite.

Essential Podcast Format

  • Podcast Discussion Outline
    • Advance Discussion of Audience and Desired Outcomes
    • Talking Points
  • Logistics
    • Online Audio Platform
    • Phone/Headset Audio Quality Test
  • Podcast Production
    • Audio Signature, Intro
    • Introduction
    • Sponsorship or Underwriting Credit 2
    • Podcast Interview
    • Transitions as Needed
    • Podcast Interview Resume
    • Continue with Interviews and Transitions as Required
    • Sponsorship or Underwriting Credit 2
    • Audio Signature, Outro
There are few restrictions on length beyond what makes common sense. Our rule is that we include an open, close, transitions if necessary, and network quality all the way through. For examples of our podcasts go to www.offwhite.com/podcasts.
For information on how to plan a podcast with OffWhite please give us a call to arrange a free demonstration on how we do podcasts.
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