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Apple ResearchKit

Apple's ResearchKit Opensource framework for life science research

When Apple announced ResearchKit™ earlier this month, the new open-source medical and research framework didn’t get the same level of public attention as their Apple Watch or gold MacBook announcements. But here at OffWhite, we took note. With ResearchKit, Apple is taking advantage of their overwhelming market reach to do a lot more than encourage a billionth download of Angry Birds. This framework has the power to expand researchers' data pools to the millions of iPhones currently in use around the globe.

What is ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit is an open source framework that allows researchers and developers to more easily develop apps built around medical research. Below is Apple’s short intro video to ResearchKit.

OffWhite has a long history of working with life science clients. For many of our projects, our target audience is mostly made up of researchers. Many of our clients are researchers themselves and most others have direct professional ties to research. An open source clinical research framework isn’t the kind of thing that most marketing groups would get excited about; the apps don’t directly generate revenue and there are no paid ads. We’re excited about the prospect of larger, more diverse pools of data and what our life science and biotechnology clients can do with this data.

We love articulating the functionality and benefits of a client’s new or improved product, and hopefully, discoveries facilitated by ResearchKit can give our clients the opportunity to improve their already stellar product lines and services.

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