How We Do It

OffWhite's Website CMS Platforms

Our website development process begins with an assessment of platform selection. The evolution of website design, hosting and functionality has evolved exponentially over the past few years, most recently with “responsive” design suitable for mobile devices.

WordPress and Out-of-the-box CMS

New, open-source platforms offer a range of out-of-the box solutions that satisfy many objectives. These include such content management tools as WordPress, Jomla, Drupal and a myriad of others. These are widely supported with standard and plug-in options, templates and other features that we tailor to your needs. Crafting the proper solution for your website begins with an understanding of how you plan to use it, who will manage it, your internal resources for content updates and editing, and much more.™

Other websites, however, require an expanded level of planning and expertise to create a user-friendly experience while still simplifying the back end for owner management of content. OffWhite’s development of the™ content management system, and later™Lite, offers a robust, database driven platform useful for large product listings, big data and other business-to-business and transactional functions not easily configurable with out-of-the-box web templates.


Our experience in programming and creative design allows us to choose the right content management system for your website at the earliest planning stage. We will customize the graphical expression of your website for used on these platforms. And, when needed, we will integrate an out-of-the box platform with custom programmed modules that maintain the simplicity of user content management, while extending the functional capability of the website overall.

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