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Consumer Trends: Email vs. Social Media

social media statistics

A recent study performed by Chadwick, Martin, Bailey and Constant Contact outlines the differences in motivation for online consumer behavior, parsing out nuances between email subscribers and social media supporters. The study polled United States residents with an email account on their motivation to subscribe to an e-newsletter or “Like” a company on Facebook, and found that while discounts are a major decision-making factor, they are not the only driving force behind consumer interaction.

social media statistics

Over half of the poll respondents cited discounts and offers as the main motivation behind subscribing to e-newsletters, however, only 41% cited the same reason for “Liking” a company page on Facebook. Instead, a larger overall percentage of respondents described other reasons for following a company on social media, including taking part in special promotions, being a past supporter of the business, to gain access to exclusive content, and to show others (their friends) that they support the business. While the differences in results of this poll may seem subtle, the repercussions for businesses can be substantial in terms of online marketing strategy. Consumers are signing up for e-newsletters to obtain deals, and while that is a major focus for social media as well, other items need to be addressed on a company’s Facebook and Twitter pages to drive continuous customer involvement. An integrated marketing approach is a major key to online success. 

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