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Creating Engaging SEO Content

An unfortunate misconception is that optimizing content for search engines is a separate practice from optimizing for user engagement. Just because your web content contains keywords that are high on Google's ranking list does not mean that content needs to be bland. In fact, the same content that performs well in Google search results can be written to effectively engage your audience and drive interaction via your website and social media outlets. Often this comes down to focusing on writing headlines that are being actively searched for by your target audience.

Headlines are the copy points that trigger reader interaction. Five times as many people read the headline of an article or page versus the actual body copy, so it is important to develop headlines that speak to, engage, and capture readers before they move on. The most effective headlines will contain contextual elements of the content for SEO purposes, but will also contain terms for which your readers are searching on a daily basis. The easiest way to incorporate this information is by writing headlines or page titles that take on one of the forms below.

Information that is presented in a list is easier to digest and makes a quick read for most people. This makes it more likely that visitors landing on the page will have a longer period of stay and more engagement over time. Lists also are easy to work keywords into, especially keywords that are related to unique or niche topics which will help boost your search engine rankings.

Most search terms are portions of questions, therefore writing content that answers a specific question that visitors are likely asking not only helps your rankings, but engages your potential audience as well. Guides can be “how-to” in nature in terms of using or installing a product, but may also involve responding to users’ frequently asked questions.

Comparing products or services, or pitting two similar products against one another, can be an effective way to engage your audience and increase interest in your content. The online community is full of consumers hungry for as much information on product performance as possible. Many people will do a large amount of upfront research online prior to even setting foot in a store or showroom. Providing direct comparisons of product benefits is a way to show customers that you are looking out for their interests and will engage them early on in their decision-making process.

OffWhite delivers messaging that not only performs well in search results, but also speaks directly to your target market. To learn more about how we develop our content and what that means for your life science company, contact Bill White at 1.800.606.1610.

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