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Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

2012 saw many changes in digital marketing standards, from social content appearing prominently in search results to a surge in digital marketing adoption. So what does 2013 hold?

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential to drive traffic to your website. With Google’s changes to its search algorithm, fresh, interesting and useful content is what will help potential customers find your site. Companies need to actively update their websites, blog or stay up on current events and maintain a social media presence to move up in the search rankings.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing keeps companies top-of-mind with existing customers and helps them up sell and cross sell products and services to people who have already expressed an interest. Third-party mailing lists can also generate leads and new customers, especially with creative promotions and calls to action.


Over 800 million tablets and smart phones were sold in 2012 alone. Mobile is much more than an optimized site and up-to-date Google profile. Customers are comparison shopping with their phones inside the store. They are asking for recommendations through social media, and they are checking out businesses prior to meetings from their devices. Will they be able to find what they are looking for when they visit your mobile site?


Geo-targeting will drive traffic to local businesses on an unprecedented level in 2013. Mobile search is targeted toward local entries, turning local leads into immediate customers. Social ad targeting will allow businesses to drive engagement and brand recognition through segmented data about users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn in other social networks. Retargeting consumers who have left your site without converting into customers will be easier than ever with the implementation of new tools such as Facebook Exchange.


Consumers view a brand an average of 3-5 times before making a purchase. To ensure that your company is meeting its customers where they already are, a mix of relevant content, targeted online ads, a mobile presence and regular contact with existing customers are necessary for success.

With an integrated marketing plan, 2013 is sure to drive results. Please contact us at OffWhite to learn how to put these marketing tools to use for your business today.

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