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It’s all about the Experience

Since 1913, BMW has held to the standard of doing one thing, and one thing only: building the Ultimate Driving Machine. This luxury brand does not focus on building “cars”. Cars get you from point A to point B. Owning a BMW is about the experience. The emotion behind their vehicles is as powerful a feature as one of the thousands of patents that goes into one of their engineered machines. The sum of those patents and emotional ties is what sells BMWs, not the fact that they make cars.

At OffWhite, we have developed the ultimate marketing machine. The sum of our passion, people, and tools has made the OffWhite experience special. Sure, we can provide a single tool or project that will get your company from point A to point B, but that is not what we do best. We don’t want you to simply do marketing tasks when you need an integrated marketing experience. OffWhite has engineered a systematic method of identifying where you are now, developing goals, researching what it will take to achieve those goals, and then feeding that information into an operation engine to derive tangible, financially focused results. Our system has been developed over time. By working with clients in real markets, understanding what works on various scales, and leveraging our core competencies as an agency. We are architects with a unique ability to see a brand today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

This means little if we cannot tie that knowledge into analytical and financial results for our clients. Enter™.™ is an assessment tool that measures not only the current success of a marketing program, but helps derive a fully integrated plan and measure its success well into the future.™ includes research into your current marketing reach, as well as the financial and strategic goals as you grow. An integrated plan is constructed based on the strengths and weaknesses identified by the initial™ findings, with annual follow up™s used to reassess and realign the plan over time.™2 is the engine we use to drive the integrated marketing plan.™2 is a customizable integrated marketing management platform that manages content, integrates with social media, drives email marketing, allows contact information mining, and enhances marketing analytics tracking. More than a CMS,™2 serves the purpose of half a dozen software programs all from a single dashboard controllable from PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad. We partner with companies that value our strategic input as a way to impact broad audiences and change industries, paradigms, and the world. We like challenges, we enjoy positioning start-ups and emerging growth companies against industry leaders. We come to work each day because we are passionate about what we do.

Experience the Ultimate Marketing Machine. Let us show you how we operate, what tools we use, and the results we have obtained in our 27 years of experience. Much like driving that new BMW Z4 Convertible, the difference will be obvious. 

Contact Jane Cirigliano or Bill White at 1-800-606-1610 to learn more.

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