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Mobile Domination

Carving Out TipsSmartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other mobile, internet-equipped devices have changed the way marketers look at search engine optimization forever. Statistics indicate that by 2014, the majority of online searches will be performed from a mobile device, eclipsing desktop search traffic by a wide margin. Furthermore, 90% of mobile searches result in actions such as visiting a business or purchasing a product. In a nutshell, mobile searchers are instant action customers, searching for product reviews on their phone as they stand in the store next to the product on the shelf. Siri and Google Maps are the most convenient way to find restaurants or business locations. And Yelp has revolutionized location-based searches across the board. The shift to mobile searches has affected the way in which marketers optimize their sites, most poignantly in the use of responsive web design and mobile specific search optimization.

Responsive web design is an industry best practice recommended by Google and ensures that all of your desktop pages are accessible by mobile searchers, which increases your online reach. Additionally, mobile searchers tend to ask very specific questions and will often use voice-activated search tools, making mobile optimization a crucial step in any SEO program. Alchemy Viral recently developed an infographic that portrays all of the “ins and outs” of mobile optimization. A number of SEO pointers are provided within the graphic, yet Alchemy Viral is quick to suggest that the most important aspect of capitalizing on search traffic of any kind is quality content.

OffWhite has been developing quality content across various media for over 30 years and has been optimizing websites for mobile searches since the first iPhone was released. We saw the mobile market looming as a forthcoming reality and proactively developed our processes to ensure our clients remained viable regardless of advances in technology. We also developed our online marketing management program,™2, to seamlessly integrate with all mobile devices, allowing you to update your website or manage analytics from anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

OffWhite remains an innovator in online marketing and we would love to share some of our ideas with you on your next project. 

To learn more, contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-OFFWHITe.

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