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New Timelines Give Corporate Facebook Pages a Facelift

OffWhite Facebook Timeline

I am sure you have seen Facebook Timeline by now. The new format addresses a lot of the design restrictions that Facebook held for corporate organizations in the past, creating opportunities for businesses that the old format made nearly impossible. What's different? There are a lot of additional features to the new Facebook profiles, but here are some of particular interest to businesses and organizations.

  • New Cover image on your organization's page
  • Split-column timeline of all Facebook activities that takes advantage of the new wider layout
  • Thumbnail tabs directly under your cover image for easier navigation to your custom Facebook Apps
  • "About" section front-and-center, right under your profile picture
  • Control over what appears in your timeline and which items deserve greater emphasis
These changes certainly give Facebook a facelift, but new customization options are still controlled enough to prevent Facebook from becoming the advertising and HTML-explosion that MySpace once was. Facebook continues to expand its reach by embracing the influence of businesses that use it as the ongoing marketing platform it has become. Find out how OffWhite can help you develop and execute or simply revitalize your social media marketing plan today. Contact Jane Cirigliano or call us at 740-373-9010 to get started.

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