OffWhite Marketing 2023

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OffWhite Maps the Future

Abby Spung, Jodie Reiter and Jane CiriglianoAs OffWhite moves into our 30th year in business, it’s clear that our success is rooted in our ability and willingness to change in response to changing times.  In the world of strategic and tactical marketing, nowhere has this change been more prominent than in the tools and technologies we use to orchestrate solutions for our clients. Yet the fundamentals of client service, project management, attention to detail and prudent business practices remain at the core of what we do.

Because our business is always in transition, acknowledgement of management news at OffWhite often gets lost in the shuffle. This year, as we craft a team to fulfill OffWhite potential, to grow through the present and to sustain the future, OffWhite President and CEO Bill White has turned to three OffWhite veterans for ideas, energy and leadership.

They are young. They are smart. They work hard. And they know our clients by heart.  With 39 years of combined experience at OffWhite, it is easy to see why the management trio of Jane Cirigliano, Jodie Reiter and Abby Spung are well prepared to deliver on the potential of integrated digital marketing while challenging our clients to grow.

Meet the OffWhite management team, the women behind the talent and leaders of an emerging company Bill White enjoys introducing as OffWhite II.

Jane Cirigliano
The Forward Thinker

Jane Cirigliano, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Account Services

After more than a decade of learning the language and values of OffWhite, Jane Cirigliano has mastered the concept of asking the right questions, swimming through details and giving our clients customized, strategic approaches while thinking beyond boundaries.

Jane has grown beyond her own boundaries as well. A Marietta College Phi Beta Kappa (and married to one), she now manages the company’s digital marketing program, including the™2 platform that she helped design and develop.  Cross-trained and a cross trainer at heart, Jane advocates a team leadership approach to client services. When a roadblock surfaces, she calmly finds the solution.

Along the way she involves the entire staff through a team account service model, an approach that taps overlapping knowledge and skill sets within the firm while sustaining client objectives and managing projects, reports, metrics and analytics.

She remains an active supporter of Marietta College and mentors OffWhite interns. Jane and her husband Jim, a marketing manager, writer and editor, live in Parkersburg, W.Va.

Jodie Reiter

The Business Manager

Jodie Reiter, Vice President, Operations

Jodie Reiter lives and works at the epicenter of OffWhite, managing budgets, prioritizing and scheduling projects, overseeing our auditing, billing and cost accounting, and supervising financial reporting in conjunction with our financial alliance partner Tenney and Associates.

Jodie plans and prioritizes the administrative, technical and creative layers of OffWhite services.

Since 1985, OffWhite has opened and managed more than 10,500 projects, each with a project brief, tasks and staff assignments, waypoints and final review. For more than 14 years, Jodie has helped optimize and refine our project management processes so that workflow continues uninterrupted. Since she has been on the job, OffWhite has never missed a deadline.

Now with a degree in accounting and armed with years of client knowledge, Jodie remains at the controls of what we do, when we do it and how we delegate both internal and external resources to ensure efficiency and financial stability.

 A graduate of Washington State Community College with a degree in accounting, Jodie lives in the tranquil village of Beverly in Ohio’s picturesque Muskingum River Valley. She has two children, Kyle and Amanda.

Abby Spung

The Force for Creativity

Abby Spung, Vice President, Creative Director

Abby Spung is a learner for life. As an orchestrator for creative inspiration, Abby encourages our entire staff to think independently while focusing on client outcomes. She supervises our creative department, both inside and outside the firm, and manages our emerging digital publishing program from both a technical and creative standpoint. Through this process, we can bring a broad range of solutions to bear on client outcomes, from conventional media to the evolving worlds of apps and cloud-based information repositories.

Abby wears many hats, and fashionably. She manages and oversees the visual integrity of OffWhite and all client work, and continues to challenge our clients to establish and maintain brand discipline, infrastructure and continuity throughout the corporate architecture.

Abby is not the type of designer who focuses on making things “look pretty”. She is a strategic analyst who sees through the big picture how a company articulates itself to a global market, a necessary trait as we work with clients from around the world.

To stay ahead of this rich blend of art and science, Abby remains an academic leader as an adjunct faculty member at Marietta College. She is a mentor and visionary for us and the students lucky enough to take her classes. Through this process, Abby lives at the forefront of what’s new and promising in client services while OffWhite enjoys a firsthand look at the best and brightest young thinkers and designers. She also manages our continuing education program for creative and digital services.

Now with OffWhite for over 15 years, Abby has helped design internal processes, protocols and best practices for our firm and for our clients while actively updating the blueprint for our own future.

Abby is a graduate of Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts with a degree in graphic design. She lives in Beverly, Ohio, with her husband Marvin, and children Lucy, Helen and London.

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