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OffWhite on the Move

At OffWhite, 2023 was a year of recovery from the lifestyle distortions of COVID-19, a pandemic that pressed our resources, challenged our life science clients, and offered many opportunities to serve one another both in business and beyond. It’s hard to look back without wondering how we did it all. For us, it was simply one day at a time, repeat, continue to adapt, improvise, and overcome. We proved again to our clients that we could respond to a variety of needs, from conventional to new digital platforms, and do it with speed and accuracy. We have permanently adopted highly flexible arrangements that permit our staff to manage work-life balance while staying connected to one another with the synergies that have marked our success.

We said goodbye to our home of nearly 35 years, the magnificent stone home on the banks of Ohio’s Muskingum River, and migrated a short distance to new, more modern offices on the banks of the Ohio River. Here, we work within a few yards of the busiest inland waterway in the United States. From our offices, we see the lifeblood of America’s river commerce as commodities move up and down the Ohio from the Mississippi and New Orleans to the headwaters in Pittsburgh.

Along with new offices, we upgraded and deployed a new computer network that puts us within reach of our work anywhere in the world. It’s fast, secure, cloud-based, and scalable for the future we’re working to build. As a work family, we welcome new faces who bring extensive business and marketing experience to our creative and content management teams that continue to amaze us all.

We’re looking ahead to 2024. Oh, the things we will do and the places we will go. Shall we meet there?

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