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Responding to Ebola

Media coverage of the Ebola virus is hard to ignore and has filled many in this country with fear. The scale has been tipped greatly in favor of the negative. We hope to help spread some positive encouragement by applauding three of our clients who are stepping up and contributing to the Ebola response.

mobile Ebola waste treatment unit by STI BioSAFE

STI BioSAFE (Brownsburg, IN) has developed a mobile unit for Ebola waste treatment that is fully automated and can be transported in the back of a tractor trailer. (pictured above)

Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.(Boyertown, PA) has developed a purified immunoglobulin protein for use as a control in experiments to produce an Ebola vaccine.

Drug Discovery News (Rocky River, OH) has been reporting on the Ebola virus response since the publication's first issue in 2005.

We are pleased to be working with these companies who are making a difference.

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