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Targeting Your Customer Base – Localized Digital Marketing

Targeting is the key to reaching potential customers who are already predisposed to have an interest in your products and services, and to converting those prospects into customers. Here's the first in a series of blogs exploring several types of targeting and how each can be used to grow your customer base. Geo-targeting Mobile marketing is much more involved than simply having a mobile compatible website. Search engines are now putting an emphasis on local search results for users on mobile devices. When you combine local business mobile searches, paid geo-specific search campaigns and the growing geo-location aspect of search results, digital marketing can take a whole new direction for local businesses. Consider this:

  • 89.9 million American consumers accessed retail content on their devices in July 2012. (Comscore 2012)
  • 80% of smartphone users access social networking sites on their devices. (Forrester 2012)
  • 74% of smartphone users use their devices to find location information, such as directions. (eMarketer 2012)
  • 70% of smartphone users called a local business after searching on a device. (eMarketer 2012)
  • 40% of all Internet traffic is expected to come from mobile devices in 2013. (Forrester 2012)
How do you use digital marketing to convert local leads into customers? Retargeted online advertising, optimized mobile websites, targeted paid search campaigns and social ad targeting are the marketing mix required to reach your audience. You will want to combine mobile paid search ads with relevant local information. Your business should also be very active on social media to drive consumer engagement. For more information, or to get started on your geo-targeted digital marketing campaign today, contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610.

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