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The Why and the How

Messaging that Engages

In a society driven by instant gratification and consumerism, we still perform an enormous amount of upfront research prior to making even the most insignificant purchase. Consumers want to be engaged, and to be successful, companies need to engage their customer base through informative, parallel messaging across a variety of platforms. As OffWhite works with clients to develop the message behind their brands, we often urge clients to remember three important aspects of engaging their audience:

  1. Easily Accessible, Detailed Information is Important
    Consumers read independent reviews, sift through personal recommendations and gather specification information before buying anything from a toaster to a new car. Consumers want information to be easily accessible, informative and accurate, with much of it available literally at their fingertips via smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  2. Your Audience is (and wants to be) Informed 
    Today’s buyers do not base their purchases on what a company touts as the benefits of the product or “What” a product does. Instead they want to know the “Why” and the “How” behind the product. The consumer audience of today is highly informed and is full of in-depth researchers. For companies to compete in this landscape, it is imperative that they have an integrated platform from which to release the information that customers want, when they want it.
  3. Facts are Important 
    Studies show that even though we live in a world of Tweets, Facebook statuses and SnapChats, when making decisions that require financial outlay, consumers want to understand as much as they can about each product. Companies and products with minimal or meaningless content ring hollow and seem disingenuous to those looking for facts.

An Integrated Messaging Platform

At OffWhite, we have always delivered “What” a product does by walking customers through the “Why” and “How” first. We work closely with our clients to craft messaging that fully explains even the most complex process, making that information accessible across a variety of media. We help clients empower their customers with the knowledge to make the right decision, no matter how big or small that decision may be.

If you are interested in learning more about our company or brand messaging approach, contact Bill White at OffWhite.

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