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ESCO Product Map


ESCO, a Singapore-based company specializing in clean air and containment technologies for life science, pharma and clinical laboratory applications, selected OffWhite to create an international marketing program and construct an in-house marketing department. One of our first efforts was to create a holistic map that illustrated the range of products in context with one another. Because each product group had to comply with different third-party criteria such as UL, cUL, TUV, FDA and others, a single source product array would communicate the entire company product line at-a-glance.


The OffWhite team worked with our team in Singapore to separate the product line by categories, sub-categories, airflow and filtration functions, electrical criteria, size and market. We created a series of symbols to communicate function, along with a grid and color matrix that showed the geospecific footprint of product groups built to meet regulations in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


The interim was developed by our creative team as a sales tool, first as a wall poster, then folded down into a summary product guide sized to nest into the cover of the ESCO corporate brochure. The matrix created top-down look to ESCO products that reinforced the company’s tag line, also created by OffWhite, “World Class. Worldwide.”

About the Client

ESCO Micro Pte. Ltd was established in Singapore to develop, manufacture, and sell products and services for laboratories in over 100 countries. ESCO products are used in academic, medical and industrial research laboratories in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries. They are also used in industrial laboratories where industrial process, analysis, production and quality assurance are performed.

ESCO Product Map
ESCO product map 2
ESCO Product Map