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2022 – It’s a Wrap!

Despite the changes we’ve absorbed since our start on a cold day in 1985, OffWhite Marketing has continued to adapt, overcome, improvise, and work to bring our clients the very best of new technologies in balance with tried-and-true methods.

OffWhite has emerged from the COVID era stronger, more efficient, and better prepared to serve our clients than ever before. The work-from-home model adopted by so many over the past few years was already in place at OffWhite. Our history of family-first culture and personal flexibility gave us an advantage in wrapping our company around the reality of COVID.

Ironically, we were thriving through the experience by working with our clients, who were directly serving the life science and pharmaceutical industry in support of last-mile storage of temperature-sensitive medicines. At the same time, however, travel restrictions and general lockdowns prevented us from getting together at trade shows, seminars and sales meetings critical to information exchange and relationship management.

Now, we’ve taken a proactive approach to ensure the sustainability of OffWhite and re-engage our markets by configuring our company for the future. With another year almost under our belts, we’ve continued the work on our business development program and staying up to date with new and emerging marketing tech.

Below Bill White, CEO, responds to some questions on what’s new for OffWhite in the coming year as well as common challenges faced by B2B marketing professionals, and their solutions.

As the new year approaches, what can clients expect to change or stay the same for OffWhite Marketing?

OffWhite has a 37-year history. We have stability. That does not, however, preclude our need to adapt to new practices and technologies, bring new energy into the company, and look for the next best thing. While our fundamentals remain the same, we’ve had a great year of change in terms of new technologies to help our clients reach their target audiences. We’ve launched a new website and have been working behind the scenes on several exciting aspects of the company. Though I’m not ready to retire, I understand the importance of succession planning to ensure the continued stability of this company. The amount of talent on the OffWhite team is beyond impressive. I have the greatest faith in all of them, which is why I’m working to transition OffWhite Marketing from a sole-ownership company to an employee-owned agency.

What are some challenges B2B clients OffWhite aims to serve face right now?

Whether it’s the life sciences industry or another sector, one of the biggest challenges B2B companies face today is connecting with their intended audience. The goal then is to offer a solution, or multiple solutions, that solve that problem and, beyond that, drive audience interest, so they continue that connection and convert into customers.

Both mature companies and startups face challenges targeting their customers. While digital options have certainly changed the game for many, the competition is fierce. That can make it exceedingly difficult to cut through the noise, bond with your intended customer, and create credibility.

Another challenge B2Bs face is selling value over price or demonstrating the value of their product or solution beyond the monetary. OffWhite’s ability to turn a nonexistent brand into a major industry thought leader is invaluable. Through that thought leadership, B2B companies can identify target customers as quickly and efficiently as possible and grow their operations.

Is there something about the B2B buyer that makes it difficult for them to be reached?

It’s a busy world. There’s a lot of content out there already, so when you create something to add to that, you have to ensure it’s relevant. Regardless of whether you’re trying to reach the CEO of an organization or the lab manager or lab technician, you need to show how your products solve a real-life problem for your target market.

For B2B companies, even though the products and services themselves change rapidly with new technologies, the customers themselves don’t ultimately change that much. What changes are the methods used to reach them.

Ready to grow your B2B ? Contact OffWhite today and let us help you solve customer pain points.

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