Examining ULT Market Demand, Bill White

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Meeting Client Needs and Lending a Voice of Experience

When speaking about what sets OffWhite Marketing apart from other marketing agencies, we often say that we get to know our clients’ products and services as well as they do. We go beyond a simple marketing formula to build a foundation of understanding about what makes our clients and their equipment tick. We also work to uncover what their target clients need to make a purchase and be satisfied enough to come back and recommend others. For our life science clients, this means a certain amount of scientific understanding of laboratory products as well as market demands. With more than 45 years of life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical industry experience, OffWhite CEO Bill has been doing this longer than anyone else on the team. In January this year, he was invited to join the Labcompare Editorial Advisory Board. In his first editorial contribution, Bill spoke with industry experts to answer whether the ULT market demand is here to stay or due for a decline.

Read a summary below or view the full article on the Labcompare website.

Labcompare Featured Article Summary

Vaccines have remained a huge topic in news articles for over two years now. From rollouts of mRNA vaccines for new age groups to reformulations for new COVID-19 variants, it is clear that, much like the virus itself, vaccine-related posts are not going away anytime soon. With the start of the pandemic and the growing focus on the vaccines themselves also came talk of proper storage requirements for these novel vaccines, which required temperatures only achieved in ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers. For the first time, hospitals, clinics, and vaccine distribution centers needed equipment that had previously been used primarily by the life science community, creating a huge market increase. With more reports that predict COVID becoming endemic rather than eradicated, is the need for ULT freezers likely to continue its upward momentum, plateau, or burst?

Read the full article: Ultra-Low Freezers: Bubble Demand or Industry Shift?

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