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Don’t just view your site on mobile devices, manage it

Steven Hollis with Ed.it2 phone

Where is the nearest Italian restaurant? What is the definition of “Immunoprecipitation”? Which Olympic sports have medal events today? Hang on, let me check my phone. Today’s mobile devices are more powerful than ever and command a considerable portion of online traffic. Is your website optimized for this traffic? Our clients’ sites are and have been. OffWhite has been developing websites optimized for mobile users since Apple debuted the first iPhone.

Change is the only constant in today’s technologically advanced society and we saw it coming. As mobile phones became more powerful and other companies began developing “mobile websites”, we knew this was a shortsighted trend. We have been continually working with our clients to integrate their online presence to include websites that are optimized for a number of devices. Rather than managing two websites, one for mobile and one for fixed machines, our clients can manage a single site that is optimized across viewing platforms. This makes content management, brand consistency, and informational updates easier to maintain. In conjunction with OffWhite’s continued effort to keep our clients top of mind in all markets, especially online, agile content management became a necessity.

Website owners needed to be able to manage their content according to the ebb and flow of information within their industry. As the number of online viewers increased, a content management system (CMS) that was easy to use, yet robust in features would be essential to any forward-thinking marketing strategy. Unable to find a suitable content management solution already on the market, OffWhite developed™, a user-focused CMS with a variety of powerful features. After nearly 13 years of successful deployment and ongoing developments, the launch of™2 marks the start of a new kind of website management.™2 is a website CMS that works in the cloud. It is a collection of software assembled to keep track of your website content, including databases, text, photos, video, documents and anything in between. It simplifies administration of your website through a collaborative workflow, permitting you to manage your content and publish updates from anywhere, anytime, including from an iPhone, iPad, PDA, laptop or most other devices with browser capability.™2 fills the gap between complex, high-end website development programs (managed by IT people) and complicated desktop software that few of us have the time to understand.™2 is based on open-source and broadly supported tools, including an emerging suite of analytics, social media, blogs, e-marketing campaigns, e-commerce and other utility functions necessary to manage your website within the organizational enterprise.™2 uses small devices to open up large possibilities. 

Put control of your website back in your hands, where it belongs. Contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610 to learn more.

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