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How Much Do You Know About Your Site Analytics?

Carving Out TipsMost marketers today have a preset dashboard of analytics that they monitor to keep track of performance, changes, and ongoing updates to their SEO and site optimization programs. Here are five common analytics that even the most basic SEO campaign can benefit from:

  1. Site-Wide Organic Traffic
    Daily updates on organic traffic provide insight into your site’s performance overall and highlight where you should be focusing your time and resources.
  2. Total number of Unique Keywords Driving Organic Traffic
    Much like a stock portfolio, your keywords should be varied, focused on diversity and growth in coverage. This KPI indicates how well each of your terms is performing and lets you know where you may need to make some adjustments.
  3. Referral Traffic Growth 
    Keywords are only part of your online inbound marketing program, making it important to monitor your referral sources from other programs as well.
  4. Individual Channel Net CPA
    Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is an important driver of marketing dollars and should be analyzed for pay-per-click, organic searches, referral traffic, and direct traffic sources.
  5. Growth in Total Conversion Value
    Possibly the most important KPI, the overall value-driven growth from all website conversions provides a holistic view of the success of your online marketing campaign.

OffWhite monitors the above and so much more for each of our digital marketing clients. Our™2 marketing dashboard program integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and a number of other major analytical platforms to help you get the most from your online presence. Whether your campaigns involve monitoring site traffic during specific sale periods, integrating social media into your site presence, or analyzing referral analytics for incoming inquiries,™2 can provide the suite of tools you need.

To learn more about™2 or see some of our past analytics work, contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-OFFWHITe.

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