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Life Science Marketing Trends for 2014

Your life science and technology marketing success relies on reaching potential customers where they live, and connecting with a valuable message that speaks to prospects on a personal level. Watch for these marketing trends this year. 


As more companies compete for attention, engaging and connecting with customers and prospects on a visual level will become essential. Infographics, animations, videos and other visual content use will increase, and will win business. Brands will work harder to customize messages and make interactions more personal. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing surged in 2013, and is expected to continue to increase in 2014. Not only does content marketing help businesses attract and retain customers, great content makes for great SEO. Repurposing content for multiple campaigns is vital for a branded, integrated marketing program. 

Native Ads

Online ads will become more powerful, and harder to ignore, as they are integrated into content. Facebook’s News Feed Ads, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets and Buzzfeed’s sponsored content are just the beginning of this new trend to connect advertisers with interested customers. 


Video will be big for all of the leading social platforms in 2014. With talk of Google launching a video ad exchange program and Facebook’s attempts at autoplay ads, you can expect to see more video ads on your favorite networks. Twitter’s launch of its own insights will make it easier for marketers to determine their best tweets and adjust their content campaigns accordingly. 


If your website isn’t accessible on a mobile device, search engines will begin to ignore it. All information that you share online this year needs to be cross-device compatible. Mobile traffic is at an industry average of nearly 30 percent, and it is expected to increase along with online orders placed from mobile devices. 


Search engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked to provide more in-depth results that answer searchers’ questions. And searchers are using more meaningful long-tail search phrases – they’re not just searching for “freezers” anymore.  Most websites were built to portray the overall message and structure of the site through content. Newer semantic search techniques use HTML to emphasize the focus of the website, so review your keyword and meta data strategies for compliance to stay ahead of this subtle shift. 


Big data will be reduced to a path to purchase in 2014. As mobile users become more identifiable, and their behaviors are categorized, we will be able to focus in on the activities that generate leads and result in sales. Attribution will redefine ROI and help brands get the most bang for their marketing buck. To learn more about how you can take advantage of these marketing trends, contact Bill White at 800.606.1610.

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