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Shifting Buyer Behavior Changes Marketing Landscape

A Shift in Buying Behavior

Communicating effectively with your target audience is paramount to repeat sales. Today you are faced with more choices than ever for spreading your message, including websites, banner advertising, social media, radio, television and traditional print collateral. Managing a consistent message across all of these venues can be a daunting, but necessary task to guiding prospects into buying behaviors.

Buying behavior is defined as the steps leading up to a final purchase decision. Consumer buying behavior has experienced a shift in focus over time as a result of widespread access to the internet and social media. Consumers now expect to be able to perform initial research on their own prior to interacting with a sales representative or visiting a store location. They look for detailed product information from your company, corroborated by the opinions and experiences of their peers.

There has been an unprecedented shift in information availability, transforming information scarcity into informational abundance and placing the power of persuasion squarely in marketing messaging.

The shift in buying behavior holds valuable lessons for crafting your corporate marketing message. The graphic below compares how product information was originally disseminated compared to the best practices of today. This comparison draws acute attention to not only how information spreads, but also the motive behind the delivery of information:

Source: “The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation” Marketo Report, 2014

As your informational footprint grows, the clarity and strategy of your message become even more important to ensure that your customers understand the unique benefits of your product over the competition.

Placing Customers First

A multi-pronged, integrated marketing campaign with a unified, consistent message for a targeted audience increases the power of information and enhances customer interaction across all media types.

OffWhite has been crafting successful marketing messages for companies in the life science and technology market for the past 30 years. We integrate your marketing plan to incorporate social media, print collateral, web traffic and more, ensuring a clear, concise message that is consistent across all media types.

To learn more about how we can help you spread your information effectively, contact Bill White at 800.606.1610.

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