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Social Media: Fast Growth, Increasing Potential

The OffWhite staff constantly researches methods to increase the effectiveness of our clients’ online presence and we have long been proponents of dedicated, integrated social media campaigns as a way to enhance company brand image. Social media is proven effective at increasing company awareness, online sales, and networking opportunities, but for many companies often remains a “stand-alone component” that is not fully integrated into the corporate marketing plan. Based on the findings of a new study of online consumer habits published by, many companies may quickly be changing the way they look at social media. 

Rapid Penetration Increases for Social Media Sites Worldwide

Today’s online communities are highly focused on research, reviews, and the opinions of peers. Social media sites are no longer simply for catching up with friends, but instead have become online areas ripe with product reviews, user experience information, and company background research. If your company is not holistically looking at its online and social media presence, you are missing major marketing and branding opportunities. The recent GlobalWebIndex study entitled “Stream Social: Quarterly Social Platforms Update”, identified Facebook as the top social networking choice worldwide, with Google+ coming in second, and YouTube and Twitter a close third and fourth. Combine this information with the comScore findings that mobile phone and tablet site traffic quadrupled in 2012, and it is obvious that the online marketing space is shifting to a more user-focused search model.

Social Media Trends

Online consumers are interacting more frequently with companies via their social media presence, with traffic increases of nearly 50% in the last year for PC and mobile phone interactions. Tablet social media interactions have increased by as much as 93% since 2012.

Social Media Trends

Integrated Branding across All Platforms

OffWhite effectively maps your brand through a set of built-in social media tools found in Ed.it2. The Ed.it2 integrated marketing platform allows users to easily share updates within their chosen social networks simultaneous with company website updates. This ensures consistent brand messaging across the entire web presence. Learn more about Ed.it2 Social Media tools here.

OffWhite views social media as a key component to any company’s online presence, however we do more than simply create an account that has your logo attached. We work with you to ensure social media serves as a portal of information that drives your brand strategy and delivers the information that your customers are looking for.

Contact Jane Cirigliano today at 800.606.1610 to learn how OffWhite can ensure your online presence is fully integrated and consistently on message.

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