OffWhite Marketing 2023

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The Making of

On March 15, 2014 we launched our new website at Here’s the story behind it.

Website development is one of the most visible skills we bring to our integrated marketing platform. Our expertise in crafting, launching and managing highly productive websites for our clients continues to broaden. For our own website rebuild we used the same process we would deploy for you and your company.  If you are considering an investment in a new website, it will be helpful to examine how we did ours, and why our process works.

The Dialogue

Our range of services is so diverse, and the nature of our consultative relationships so unique to each of our clients, that even a modest portfolio of work does not fully represent the value of what we do at OffWhite. At the same time, by showing you what we’ve done for others, we are offering a few tangible expressions that reflect highly crafted marketing strategies. Thus, what you see on this website does not begin to approach what you get from OffWhite.  Our online portfolio exists to illustrate integrated marketing communications programs that arise from strategic thought.

Functionality and Responsive Design

The OffWhite website is designed to accommodate multiple screen sizes across the major browsers. Using embedded device queries our website automatically adjusts its layout to screen sizes ranging from 320 to 2,560 pixels while maintaining functionality and visual continuity. This versatility is achieved using responsive design. Here, our website adapts its style sheets based on the screen size of the device being used to view the site. We also detect whether the device has Retina or standard display so that the device loads higher or lower resolution images to maximize the user experience and accelerate loading time.

Responsive design is important to website architecture because of the exploding use of mobile devices, wherein mobile traffic will surpass conventional (desktop) traffic in 2014. Our website is as easy to navigate on an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device as it is on a high-resolution 24” iMac or PC. Our navigation retains its inherent rank in the visual hierarchy. Information displayed in a three column format on a desktop monitor automatically stacks itself into a single column on a mobile device. We’ve eliminated the need to pinch zoom or scroll horizontally to read a line of text. Fonts are automatically sized for readability, not pixel size.

Within this process, the creative design remains aesthetically correct, while permitting all search engine algorithms to do their work to increase our Search Engine Optimization.

Analytics from our site and our client sites offer statistically significant information critical to our design process. For this reason our website is formatted especially for the most commonly detected screen sizes of 320, 480, 568, 768, 1024, 1200+ pixels, and for the most recent three versions of the most commonly used browsers. These include Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome.  As new versions or these browsers are introduced, we will optimize our platform to accommodate them.

To observe how our website responds, view it on a desktop computer, then view the same page on an iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. Change the aspect ratio from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) and watch it adjust itself.

The OffWhite website is powered by™2, our digital marketing platform that brings large scale enterprise capability to small to medium-sized businesses. For a webinar offering a behind-the-scenes look at™2 in action, contact Bill White or Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610.

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