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Think Pink

Cancer Awareness Messages

I’ve written in previous years about how privileged we are at OffWhite to work with life science companies who contribute to research and cutting-edge discoveries for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Not only do these companies support their customers – the researchers looking for a cure – through innovative products and world class service, these companies give back to scientists. By saving research facilities money on utilities, offering more cost-effective solutions and collaborating with institutions, our clients keep more research dollars going toward what matters most – the search for a cure.

Cancer touches everyone, and breast cancer is possibly the most poignant reminder of how precious life truly is. We have all known someone who has fought valliantly – Bill’s wife, Abby’s mother-in-law and my mom, to name a few. We are all connected by our triumphs and our losses.

That is why when we see companies supporting breast cancer awareness, we in turn want to support them. It’s amazing how such a terrible disease can bring so many people from different walks of life together. Over the past few years, we have watched as first research organizations and nonprofits, then retailers, and even sports teams have “gone pink” in October to raise awareness and funds to support breast cancer research.

View full emailWe have been honored this year to be involved with several companies – in the life sciences and beyond – to raise awareness through news about cancer research breakthroughs and to donate a portion of their sales this month back to cancer research. We even got to help a client outside of the life sciences sector launch a new pink product inspired by the fighters in our lives. Check it out here.

Whether you are a cancer survivor, a researcher working on a cure or a marketing director, we are all connected by a common goal. Let’s find a cure together.

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