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When Art and Science Meet

The life science industry is built on structured and often complex messaging. Explaining the latest biotech innovation or cancer research technique can be complicated and exposes the desperate need for creative talent with an analytical mindset. 

A Different Type of Designer

As a an early design student at Marietta College, I had no way of knowing I would end up working at OffWhite, yet it seemed destined to happen. During my education, I found that my design talent included two opposing aptitudes: one of structure and organization, the other more abstract and creative. Prior to my internship with OffWhite, I had no idea that these two skill sets could be married together so perfectly to meet the needs of a very specific clientele.



Laroland is a project I completed while studying at Marietta College and is a good example of abstract explanation of complex concepts through design. Laroland is also a project indicative of the work we do here at OffWhite. The goal of this project was to provide fourth grade students at the local elementary school a set of materials that would help demonstrate one of their school subjects in a way that was visually compelling and more exciting than a traditional textbook. Based on my interests, it comes as no surprise that I chose science as the subject. I created a board game named "Laroland" where students would take turns spinning a wheel to determine a question category they would then answer. A whimsical character and color scheme were chosen that visually represented the subject matter for each of the four categories, along with a set of science trivia cards complete with instructional graphics.

Little did I realize how closely this project would serve as a parallel for the type of work I do today at OffWhite. Although the target audience is no longer fourth graders, the goal is the same: represent tangible content in a way that is both abstract and visually appealing. In both cases the subject matter is categorized, calculable, and analytical, yet still requires a special sense of creativity and imagination to engage the intended audience.

Designing and writing for biotech marketing takes a different type of creative mentality, and since our inception, OffWhite has always stood out as a different type of marketing firm. We specialize in organizing complex information into manageable bits that anyone can understand, but we do it with a clean, concise style.  

Our goal is to visually express technical content in a way that encompasses the idea of the content without explaining it in an obvious way. We are able to achieve this by utilizing a more creative, abstract understanding of the subject matter. This type of representation, although once removed from the actual content, holds equal importance to the concrete representation.

At OffWhite, our team delivers targeted messages through creative expression across a variety of media. Contact us today to learn how we can help you explain your business.

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