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ESCO Corporate Brochure


ESCO, a Singapore-based company specializing in clean air and containment technologies for life science, pharma and clinical laboratory applications, selected OffWhite to create an international marketing program and construct an in-house marketing department. Because the company was relatively unknown outside the ASEAN market, the need to position ESCO as a significant resource in the development of clean air systems and laboratory equipment. After an OffWhite Aud.it™ of the ESCO program and following multiple trips to Singapore, a corporate brochure, similar to an annual report, was developed to tell the ESCO story to markets around the world.


While the Internet was emerging as the preferred choice in first level marketing communications, we wanted to create a sales tool that not only looked world class, but felt like it. Working with our printer partners in Singapore, we were able to develop a prototype publication that blended the ESCO story with the practical need to explain their products. 


Together with the product map matrix, we created a highly credible tool that attracted distributors, sales representatives, dealers and customers in more than 100 countries. The corporate brochure also established the first use of the ESCO tag line “World Class. Worldwide” that remains in use.

About the Client

ESCO Micro Pte. Ltd was established in Singapore to develop, manufacture, and sell products and services for laboratories in over 100 countries. ESCO products are used in academic, medical and industrial research laboratories in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries. They are also used in industrial laboratories where industrial process, analysis, production and quality assurance are performed.

ESCO Corporate Brochure - Corporate Profile