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Published by Nat Miller, January 19th, 2012
We all do it. Troll Facebook posts to get the latest update on what our friends are doing at any given moment, poring through the mind-numbing amount of "Just ate a cheeseburger!" and "My cat is so adorable." posts to find an event of true value.
Until recently it seemed that ever-present connectivity and the ease of posting to social media from any number of devices was set to inundate Facebook with so much minute information, true milestones were lost in the shuffle. Enter Timeline, Facebook’s new feature that allows users to chronicle their life graphically, outlining true periods of importance and serving as a robust online informational profile. The key improvement Timeline users are excited about is the ability to outline an entire lifetime, versus just the period of time since you signed up for an account. For individuals this means they can chronicle their lives, birth to present, but for businesses this may mean an opportunity to communicate their brand on Facebook in a completely different way.
Clint Fralick, VP of Client Services at Boston-based social media agency Pandemic Labs, believes that businesses can initially benefit from organic news feeds and stories developed by Timeline users on their personal pages. However, as Facebook releases its promised business version of Timeline, companies can trace the lineage of their brands and create an online presence that instills longevity and a sense of history for visitors.
The jury is still out on how effective Facebook Timeline will be for businesses; however there is no doubt that it will function as another online tool that can be leveraged to spread the message about a company and its brand. To learn more about how you can use Facebook to help market your company, contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610 or visit our website for details.
Published by Bill White, CEO , January 12th, 2012
Offenberger & White, Inc. (OffWhite) today announced the addition of Nathaniel Miller to the company’s professional management team.
Miller, formerly of NEM Enterprises, will become the firm’s Senior Technical Writer while sharing account management responsibilities in support of client interests worldwide. Miller’s diverse technical experience coupled with an accomplished 10-year writing background and business experience managing his own technical writing and consulting firm, will increase throughput and project management capabilities offered by OffWhite in technology marketing, information mapping and website development. Prior to OffWhite, Nathaniel was with the marketing department of Microbac, Inc., Marietta, part of a nationwide network of analytical laboratories operated by Microbac Laboratories, Inc. His writing expertise is derived from previous hands-on experience, both as a Volatile Organics Analyst at Microbac and through his work with the Environmental and Plant Biology Department at Ohio University where he received his Master’s in Environmental Science.
He earned his Bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Marietta College and completed a research study on the effects of local industrial conditions on heavy metal deposition within a portion of the Ohio River Valley. Nathaniel has written and published scientific papers, white papers, technical process documentation and internal procedure manuals for a number of clients. 
According to OffWhite CEO Bill White, “Nathaniel’s addition to our team continues to drive innovation and progressive business direction that has brought our firm to the forefront in development of integrated marketing solutions for technology-based companies.
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