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Google AdWords adds features to increase click-through accuracy
Published by Jane Cirigliano, May 4th, 2011
AdWords Example
Google has made upgrades to its AdWords pay-per-click program that will help advertisers get the most return on their investment. Google users click on ads as well as organic search results.  Before, users clicked on advertisements--incurring a cost for the advertiser--solely based on the ad's content.  One of the downfalls of this system is that often ads are generic based on a keyword, and the users who click on them may not be within the advertiser's target audience. Now, Google users have the ability to preview a page before clicking through.  A magnifying glass has been added to the top right-hand corner of each Google ad, giving users the option to preview the page before clicking.  Google anticipates that the new feature will increase the accuracy of its pay-per-click advertising, driving consumers who are truly interested in advertisers' products and services to their websites. 
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