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Published by Jane Cirigliano, November 26th, 2013
OffWhite Thanksgiving
We share our favorite holiday recipes to create a unique OffWhite Thanksgiving meal. Check out our Facebook page for more on the stories behind each of these recipes.
Published by Steven Hollis, Graphic Designer , November 19th, 2013
PowerPoint vs. PDF
PowerPoint has become the standard presentation tool in the professional and educational worlds, but this period of dominance is coming to an end… or it would be, if I got my way. Interactive PDFs do everything PowerPoint does, except for the quick presenter editing. Most consider this a disadvantage. For designers and brand consultants like us, it’s a luxury. It puts control back in our hands. PDFs don’t restrict design to the least common denominator like PowerPoint often does. Is the presentation computer (or tablet, or phone) equipped with Adobe Acrobat Reader? Good, that’s all we need. There's no need to worry about selecting web-safe fonts or how the presentation will be affected by a switch from Mac to Windows or Office 2013 to 2007.
What can we do with Interactive PDFs?
  • Use vector illustrations that allow for crisper images on high-definition displays
  • Have greater control over colors and fonts that fit your company branding and identity guidelines
  • Build interactive jump indexes to skip to and from pages/slides
  • Embed HTML5 and CSS3
  • Create spreadsheets and form input boxes with automatic formulas
  • Better control file sizes and image quality
Of course PowerPoint isn’t going away, and I’m not telling you to ditch it. PowerPoint puts editing power in the hands of the presenter, and that’s often a necessity (although I would recommend Apple’s PowerPoint alternative, Keynote). Interactive PDFs require a designer, and that's not always a requirement. But for your company presentation materials that don’t require several changes - like stock presentations and sales tools - an interactive PDF is likely the best option. Here at OffWhite, we currently use Interactive PDFs to create operating manuals with jump-link indexes, sales brochures with built-in quote calculators and presentations with indexes and transitions. And we do all this with the control provided through Adobe Creative Cloud software, rather than relying on Microsoft’s word processing and archaic drawing tools. 
To learn more about interactive documents and how they can be used to advance your presentation and sales efforts, contact Bill White.
Published by Nat Miller, November 12th, 2013
More than 85% of online users in the United States use social media, and 41% of users say social media is the main venue on which they find out about products and new services. With so much online social activity, it is imperative for companies to ensure the content on their social media pages is relevant within the market place. Why? Because according to a recent Forrester report, people who frequently engage with companies via social media are better customers. They purchase more, buy more often, and encourage others to purchase from companies with which they are interacting on social media. Too often companies view their social media presence as a “me too” marketing tool. They create a Facebook page simply because their competitors have one or because they were encouraged to do so by the CEO’s college-aged nephew. However, based on industry research, viewing social media as part of a larger direct marketing effort in which the customer life cycle is directly tied to each social post can be extremely effective in creating long-term customer relationships.
OffWhite builds social media strategies to suit our clients’ individualized customer life cycles and drive continual and compounding results. Our approach involves an integrated audit of existing materials and messaging, followed by the development of a step-by-step plan that will release relevant information at the most opportune time for engagement. 
To learn more about our process or to obtain an estimate for a social media program, contact Jane Cirigliano at OffWhite.
Published by Jane Cirigliano, November 7th, 2013
Marietta College Class
Juniors and seniors from Marietta College toured OffWhite and met with Nat Miller, Steven Hollis and Jane Cirigliano today to hear about real client applications for what they are learning in their Advertising and Public Relations classes.
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