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Published by Jane Cirigliano, May 30th, 2013
Targeting enables businesses to reach potential customers who are already predisposed to have an interest in their products and services, and helps convert those prospects into customers. Here's the second in a series of blogs exploring types of targeting and how each can be used to grow your customer base.
Social Ad Targeting
Facebook's targeted ads are becoming more detailed and strategic this year. Businesses can now sync their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) databases with information collected about their customers from profiles, email addresses and phone numbers on social networks. Facebook is taking a more invasive approach with targeted ads in the Newsfeed, showing brands and sponsored posts from companies that your friends like. Twitter has also adopted the use of sponsored Tweets. By segmenting the data collected about users on Facebook and Twitter, businesses can drive engagement and recognition in the digital marketplace. Consider this:
  • Over 1 billion users and 600 million on mobile alone using Facebook. (Facebook 2012)
  • 80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. (Business2Community 2012)
  • 56 percent of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. (AllTwitter 2012)
  • 77 percent of B2C companies and 43 percent of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook. (Business2Community 2012)
To learn more about OffWhite's social media services, contact Jane Cirigliano at 800-606-1610.
Published by Nat Miller, May 21st, 2013
The OffWhite staff constantly researches methods to increase the effectiveness of our clients’ online presence and we have long been proponents of dedicated, integrated social media campaigns as a way to enhance company brand image. Social media is proven effective at increasing company awareness, online sales, and networking opportunities, but for many companies often remains a “stand-alone component” that is not fully integrated into the corporate marketing plan. Based on the findings of a new study of online consumer habits published by eMarketer.com, many companies may quickly be changing the way they look at social media. 
Rapid Penetration Increases for Social Media Sites Worldwide
Today’s online communities are highly focused on research, reviews, and the opinions of peers. Social media sites are no longer simply for catching up with friends, but instead have become online areas ripe with product reviews, user experience information, and company background research. If your company is not holistically looking at its online and social media presence, you are missing major marketing and branding opportunities. The recent GlobalWebIndex study entitled “Stream Social: Quarterly Social Platforms Update”, identified Facebook as the top social networking choice worldwide, with Google+ coming in second, and YouTube and Twitter a close third and fourth. Combine this information with the comScore findings that mobile phone and tablet site traffic quadrupled in 2012, and it is obvious that the online marketing space is shifting to a more user-focused search model.
Social Media Trends
Online consumers are interacting more frequently with companies via their social media presence, with traffic increases of nearly 50% in the last year for PC and mobile phone interactions. Tablet social media interactions have increased by as much as 93% since 2012.
Social Media Trends
Integrated Branding across All Platforms
OffWhite effectively maps your brand through a set of built-in social media tools found in Ed.it2. The Ed.it2 integrated marketing platform allows users to easily share updates within their chosen social networks simultaneous with company website updates. This ensures consistent brand messaging across the entire web presence. Learn more about Ed.it2 Social Media tools here.
OffWhite views social media as a key component to any company’s online presence, however we do more than simply create an account that has your logo attached. We work with you to ensure social media serves as a portal of information that drives your brand strategy and delivers the information that your customers are looking for.
Contact Jane Cirigliano today at 800.606.1610 to learn how OffWhite can ensure your online presence is fully integrated and consistently on message.
Published by Bill White, CEO , May 15th, 2013
Jodie Graduation
Congratulations to OffWhite's Jodie Reiter on her recent graduation from Washington State with her Associates in Accounting and certificates in Human Resource Management and Payroll. We're all very proud of you!
Published by Abby Spung, Creative Director, May 9th, 2013
In a recent “Design Talk” entry of Before & After, a reader inquired about a poignant, yet not uncommon occurrence as he redesigned a logo for a potential client. The advice given by Before & After author John McWade so well aligned with my own philosophy as a creative professional, that I felt our readers would be well served to understand OffWhite’s viewpoint on creatively redesigning their logo and brand. In the instance below, the designer describes a scenario which many designers can empathize with: “I recently was asked to come up with a new logo design for the Long Island Curling Club in Bellmore, New York... They still love their logo. How do I convince them that their logo just isn’t cutting it? Any advice on how I can win them over?” The designer’s predicament outlines a common thread in branding strategy: significance. There are typically two main types of logo and rebranding projects that we run into: the “blank slate” scenario and redesign (or remediation as we refer to it here at OffWhite). Logo significance plays a major role in both scenarios, however in drastically different ways. 
Brand Establishment
The first of these scenarios is the designer's favorite – a completely new or fledgling company is interested in establishing their brand. This is an ideal creative situation because there is no preexisting company with an established image or culture to try to re-invent. Once the client’s trust and confidence is earned, the designer is commonly awarded carte blanche to invent the brand and establish the visual form of representation for the client's business. The designer’s job is then to develop a logo that is not only graphically sound, but portrays significance through conveyance of the mission, goals, culture, and very DNA of the company. This is a fairly straightforward task if starting from a blank canvas, but if trying to maintain an already established brand with identified connotations, the design can become complex very quickly.
Stirling Ultracold Brand
OffWhite created a brand from scratch for Stirling Ultracold from naming the new company (a subsidiary of Global Cooling) through to print literature, control panels, website and other marketing materials.
Logo remediation is when the client identifies they need a refresh of their identity and seeks outside assistance to ensure it is handled professionally. This scenario may be the product of a change in management or major shift in the organization and is often driven by a need to have a tangible, projectable article of ownership. Too often designers make the mistake of assuming this scenario will be easier because they have something to start with, however this is not always the case. Because of the attached significance that a particular logo may have for a business, redesigns may actually exceed projected budgets and take longer than planned to complete. The underlying reason for this is the company’s pre-existing attachment to the most tangible expression of the “not-so-tangible” concepts that comprise a company or brand. In other words, the significance given to a logo is sometimes only acknowledged by the company itself and not by its customers. This misplaced attachment can many times effectively block a designer from providing the best solution for a logo or brand. As designers, our first response is to fully engage the creative process and largely depart from the outdated logo; however this approach simply will not work in a remediation situation. It's no different than asking someone to part their hair on the other side of their head after they have parted it on the opposite side for years. In short, it just won't lay right. Upon reading this article and examining my own professional portfolio, I can now see why logos I've designed for clients in the first scenario went so much more smoothly than those provided to clients in the second scenario. What was missing was time to counsel and empathize with the client, allowing them to understand the methodology behind the changes that were implemented. 
Lesson Learned
When faced with a client looking for a logo redesign, it is best to acknowledge all personal and emotional attachments the clients may have to their logo so that all involved parties understand the expectations of the remediation process. As a designer, show empathy and understanding of the significance placed on a logo by the client, identifying the best elements of the design to use as starting points. Finally, when the creative solutions are revealed, offer clients one design that contains something familiar about the "before" logo, providing insight into logical creative choices, while still being mindful of previously identified emotional connections.
Sunpower Brand
OffWhite remediated the Sunpower logo to give the company a more modern look and feel and to reflect the company's environmentally-friendly products. To learn more about OffWhite's creative services, visit our website or contact Abby Spung.
Published by Jane Cirigliano, May 3rd, 2013
It's been a busy week for the team at OffWhite, with 3 websites launching in less than a week.
CyanoPowder Website
Friday, April 26 ended with the launch of the first website for new company CyanoPowder. The e-commerce website is based on the OffWhite design of the corporate logo, print materials, product branding and packaging. The website design is based on a comic strip concept that complements the forensic investigation product line.
Hull Website
On Monday, April 29, Hull & Associates' new website was launched. The site features a completely new look and feel for the company that showcases the personalities and culture of the corporation, while integrating more interactive features such as social media, e-newsletters and forms for lead generation to engage clients and prospects. The site runs on the Ed.it2 Digital Marketing Platform.
Hearing Health Foundation Website
OffWhite launched the new Hearing Health Foundation look on Wednesday, May 1 in conjunction with the organization's Hearing Health Pledge Drive. The website, already running on the Ed.it2 Digital Marketing Platform, was redesigned to represent the new direction the Foundation is pursuing. The new design will be carried over into a blog that will be launching this summer.
To learn more about OffWhite's web services, contact Jane Cirigliano or visit us at www.offwhite.com/digital.
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