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Published by Abby Spung, Creative Director, July 26th, 2013
Cloud Part One
So, the debates have begun. Adobe Creative Cloud, for better or worse? Every designer has an opinion. Here’s what we have to say about it.
What’s the big deal?
Creative Cloud is a subscriber based “rental” solution to creative software platforms. In the past, companies like OffWhite – those that thrive on providing creative services coupled with integrated strategic marketing plans to clients around the globe – relied heavily on access to the best software for delivering the very best tactile components of our service. This was often a painfully expensive investment that became an inevitable confrontation at the turn of every two years (three years maximum). Naturally, as any responsible business does, we would anticipate the upgrades, plan and budget for them accordingly, and take our medicine. The bitterness of it depended in large part on how many licenses we needed and how many creative staffers we had on board. To make matters more complicated, at the time, there was a hard line in the sand between those on a PC and those on the Mac operating platforms, systems that required different software. Well, times, they are a-changin’ — and so is OffWhite. Not only has the great PC vs. Mac divide fallen to the wayside, our team is now united and “synced” for the most efficient workflow we’ve seen in OffWhite’s history.
Embracing CC means embracing change, constant change, and we’re learning to like change around here. The investment isn’t just in real time updates to software, it’s in ourselves as professionals. In keeping pace with the ever evolving collection of programs that make up Adobe Creative Cloud, we find ourselves dedicated to professional development as well, keeping our staff engaged and fresh. The outcome of investing in the “landed cost of labor” as we see it here at OffWhite— a team that’s happy to go the distance.
We invest in our team, so they can invest in themselves and that is the reward of a great job and a great place to work. Who wouldn’t buy into that? Thanks to Creative Cloud, clients get what they pay for, the expertise of our staff— not hours of troubleshooting, saving files back, converting from one platform to the next, or management of technology. When our team arrives at work, they can get to work doing what they do best—and that IS “the big deal.”
To learn more about our creative services, contact us today.
Published by Jane Cirigliano, July 16th, 2013
Google Analytics’ new filters, released in May, make data even more relevant and analysis and targeting even easier. Now, you can examine your audience in smaller, more detailed segments. Combining these new filters with Google’s previous filters allows you to create in-depth visitor profiles that help you understand what strategies invoke the best response from each kind of viewer.
Some New Filters You Can Add to Your Analysis Toolbox Mobile
  • Device or Tablet (distinguishes between screen sizes)
  • Brand, Model, and Marketing Name
  • Pointing Method (distinguishes between use of physical and onscreen keyboards)
  • Has Cellular Radio
  • Has Wi-Fi
  • Social Action (what occurred during the highlighted event, e.g. a Facebook Like or Google +1)
  • Social Action Target (content that triggered the social action, gives the URL, text, etc.)
  • Internal Search Term and Type (find out what is being searched on your site)
  • Browser Size (pixel dimensions of the browser display)
  • Local Currency Code (for given transaction)
*Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Also, these additions are for actual filters, not advanced segments, due to their differences in data collection. These new data points can be configured and added into the Ed.it2 Digital Marketing Platform to give you information that your marketing team can act on quickly.
If you would like to learn how Google Analytics and its new filters can be used to advance your marketing efforts, contact us today.
Published by Jane Cirigliano, July 9th, 2013
Technology is changing the communication and marketing landscape. Consumer generated content dominates any other kind of online content four to one. As consumers continue to embrace the latest social media advances, businesses find themselves held to higher standards of ethics and communication and subject to increased public, even viral, praise and criticism. These conversations are going to continue to grow whether companies decide to join in or not, but there is an upside to these technological and social changes. They have placed businesses in the perfect position to lead this dialogue with consumers. Many companies have embraced this and plan to join in. According to IBM’s Global CEO Study 88 percent of CEOs say “getting closer to customers” through social media programs is top priority for the next five years. The establishment of this new relationship means that simple advertisements are no longer enough to cut through the clutter and have your message heard. Consider the following:
  • One-third of all purchased display ads are never shown
  • 86 percent of people skip TV ads
With everyone competing for attention, consumers are looking for companies that show consideration, appreciation and credibility. This sort of relationship involves a high level of collaboration. Companies will have to get creative and loosen up on the reins, so consumers can influence and take co-ownership of their favorite brands. This consumer input might sound scary, but it will ultimately help businesses improve their products and messaging. As marketers, we’re always trying to understand the wants and needs of the target audience and now they want to tell us. Crowdsourcing is a collaborative technique where a company turns to large groups outside of its employees and suppliers, especially from the online community, to obtain needed services, ideas, or content. Crowdsourcing campaigns have been known to bring about new insights for product development, supply successful advertisements and build brand advocacy. 
If you’re interested in adding collaborative marketing to your marketing mix, contact us today.
Published by Bill White, CEO , July 2nd, 2013
Bill meets with Robert from Polytemp.
Bill White (right) welcomes Robert Van der Kuylen, Poly Temp Scientific, B.V., The Netherlands, (left) to OffWhite, Marietta, for a brief visit. Poly Temp Scientific B.V. was founded in The Netherlands in the early 1980s and now distributes laboratory equipment and instrumentation throughout all major European markets.
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