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Published by Bill White , July 15th, 2015
Internet Security - nobody rides for free
Have you ever suffered a website failure? It's a ride you don't want to take again. As Jackson Browne wailed in On the Boulevard ". . . nobody rides for free, nobody gets it like they want it to be, nobody hands you any guarantee.”
When it comes to the security of your website you can't ride for free, anymore.
As newsfeeds report daily, the risks of website hacks are no longer abstract; they’re real and relentless. Within the last two months website hacks of epic proportions have been disclosed by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. On July 8, 2015 the Director of the FBI testified before a Senate panel that his own personal information was in the hands of . . . somebody. From the United States Government to private businesses, the threat of website violations is a fact of life.
Widely-used platforms including WordPress blogs, shared servers, shopping carts, forums and ad banner software are prime targets for spammers and hackers. Sadly, just being in a particular industry can make you a target. Pharmaceutical, drug discovery and other life science companies use key phrases on their websites (and rightly so) that attract hackers.
Fortunately, third-party security systems are beginning to narrow the opening for malicious software, worms, malware or other nonsense that impacts the content, function and appearance of a website.
Increase Your Security
We recommend that all of our clients invest in a security monitoring service, such as SiteLock, WeWatchYourWebsite or any other reputable company. These services automatically watch for any changes on your server, block malicious attacks and clean up any existing problems as they occur.
Each company offers a different suite of plans and options that are scalable to meet your particular needs. You can start out small and beef up your security package if the need arises.
If you don’t know where to start, our team can help you choose the right program for your company and get it up and running quickly.
What If I Get Hacked?
If you do not have a website security monitoring system in place and there is a security issue on your server, you don’t have to wait weeks or days to get your website back online.
If your site goes down, many hosting providers make regular server backups which you can purchase and reinstall. If your hosting provider terminates service because of a malicious threat detected on your server, you can sign up for one of the services mentioned above. Under the majority of the plans offered, these companies will retroactively clean up any security issues found on your server.
Why We Care
We don’t earn revenue from website hosting or security companies. For your peace of mind (and ours), however, we recommend optional security monitoring software and services with each new website we build. It is our professional responsibility to go the extra mile to integrate the latest third-party safety features into your website from the inside out to intercept problems before they can cause harm.
Does it cost a little more? You bet. In this digital world nobody rides for free.
For more information, call Bill White or Jane Cirigliano at 800.606.1610.
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