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Published by Jane Cirigliano, August 19th, 2011
We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our upgraded content management system, Ed.it 2.0. The CMS was originally built in 2004 to meet client needs for complete website customization and control. OffWhite is constantly developing new features for our CMS as technology and new media evolve, and Ed.it 2.0 combines all of the latest Ed.it 1.0 features with a new set of attributes.
New Edit 2.0 Functionality
  • A graphical content editor that allows users to make live content changes as they click through their websites
  • Additional control over universal areas of the site, such as footers and header text
  • User permissions for specific tasks, such as News, Events, Products, Video, etc.
  • Custom URL naming for vector pages and SEO
  • Revert feature that allows users to restore a previous version of content
  • Content scheduling for activation and expiration
  • The ability to copy content from one page onto another
  • New WYSIWYG editor tools that are compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers, including Safari
  • The ability to move pages up and down within the site map, or turn pages on or off with one click
  • Addition of an area to tie into third-party software, such as e-commerce, traffic tracking, ad banners, etc.
  • Help functions throughout the site that display your website's look and feel for ease of use
  • Optional customized video training inclusion in the Help section
Look for more about Ed.it 2.0 as we prepare for the software launch in October 2011. To schedule a demo, please contact us.
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