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Published by Bill White, CEO , December 19th, 2013
As the end of the year dwindles down and we welcome back our intern Rebecca Miller during her winter break from Marietta College, we thought it would be appropriate to share with you her senior capstone project. We hope her findings on sensory marketing help inspire your marketing efforts for 2014.
Sensory marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that is gaining popularity. And it's no wonder. After recognizing that consumers are overwhelmed by and tuning out the teams of explicit marketing appeals they receive daily, companies are turning to a more implicit approach that also streamlines and unifies brand messaging.
In the past, marketers and advertisers have appealed to consumer senses in one way or another, but not always with intention or in a holistic manner. Although studies have been done on each of the senses individually as far back as the 1970s, it wasn't until 2008 that great interest developed in how the senses interrelate and impact each other to affect consumer perceptions, judgments and behaviors.
Companies are now using these insights to control the way consumers experience and relate to brands, but they need to understand and respect their newly found power.
Aradhna Krishna is a marketing professor at the University of Michigan and a leader in this field. In her research review that was published by the Journal of Consumer Psychology, she wrote,
"From a managerial perspective, sensory marketing can be used to create subconscious triggers that define consumer perceptions of abstract notions of the product (e.g., its sophistication, quality, elegance, innovativeness, modernity, interactivity)—the brand's personality. It can also be used to affect the perceived quality of an abstract attribute like its color, taste, smell, or shape."
When dealing with the senses, marketers are operating on an almost subliminal level. While sensory marketing opens the door to intrinsic communication, it also relies on catching consumers where they are vulnerable. If misused, consumers can be left feeling violated. Businesses need to act responsibly and use this strategy as a form of communication that benefits consumers, not a form of manipulation.
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Published by Bill White, CEO , December 11th, 2013
As I write this we plan to launch our 29th year in February. When we started this company in 1985 there was no way we could predict the sweeping changes in pathways to the market, information management, product education, and the evolution of strategies to leverage new tools of our trade. Today, we’re swimming in social media, digital platforms and micro-metrics of infinite proportions. At OffWhite, our ability to focus messages on highly vertical markets, and watch the responses in real time, is an example of how technology has accelerated the sales cycle in nearly every market we serve.
The range of marketing tools at our disposal, including those from third parties and those we have created, specifically our Ed.it™2, platform, are wider than ever. Construction of a marketing program without a strong belief in its sustainability at the client level is a fool’s errand. For this reason, our Aud.it™ discovery process now includes a healthy and early effort to understand client infrastructure and internal proficiency.
At OffWhite our goals this year were to examine infrastructure and information architecture everywhere we looked. We made a conscious decision to be more proactive with our clients, and to take a more visible leadership position in both strategies and tactics toward mutually desired outcomes. We zeroed in on fundamentals. We looked at how websites and internal enterprise management systems could work together, from online uptake forms to data dumps into Salesforce.com and ACT. We developed better methods to exploit what our clients already own.
Marketing is noisy. Almost every day we see a proliferation of top ten lists, do’s and don’ts and best practice manuals about social media, SEO and responsive design, buzzwords and trends. It’s our job to stay in front of all of this, but to remain focused on the basic tenets of marketing strategies and marcom tactics in the B2B technology world. At the end of the day, it’s “information that sells”.
This year at OffWhite we invested in infrastructure and process improvements, including new computers and cloud-based creative suites and PR distribution licenses. We continued to expand the utility functions of Ed.it™2, our digital marketing platform that now gives us a unique ability and power to practice what we preach. We have nested Ed.it™2 into our integrated marketing program not as a product but as a service that enables many good things to happen, from website content management to highly sophisticated email dialogues, social media integration and enough analytics to make even the most cynical financial officer confess to the need for a robust, web-centric presence in the marketplace. We have embraced the concept of “responsive design” so that all of our websites will listen to device feedback to look great on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. We have added to our staff and developed partnerships and alliances with some of the smartest people we know. Our internship program continues to offer us a firsthand look at the best and the brightest writers and creative minds in our area.
Finally, mindful of our own sustainability objectives, we’ve invested in an independent business development effort designed to match us with those who need us most, regardless of size. So no matter how hard we’re working to serve our clients during the week, someone will be reaching out to the world each day on our behalf asking “are we right for each other”. Without proactive growth, we cannot make the platform investments that offer so much value-added capability to those who have already chosen us and those who will.
For 2014, I will announce new organizational changes that pave the way for our own sustainability and so that continuity of service is assured well into the future. Here’s hoping for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
Published by Nat Miller, December 3rd, 2013
OffWhite Christmas
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – regardless of the holidays celebrated in your household, this time of year is special. It’s a time to relax, reflect on the blessings and successes of the past year, and bring joy to those around you.
The holidays are nearly upon us and your schedule is likely already filling up with parties, family events and travel. Meals need planned and prepared, decorations pulled from storage and hung with care, and presents need to be purchased and wrapped. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is often hard to remember the reasons we celebrate at all. Family and friends, coworkers, and clients - the relationships we create on a daily basis are treasures which need to be celebrated, remembered and honored. Enhance these relationships this holiday season by spreading cheer and goodwill through the entire month of December.
Take time each day to bring happiness to those around you by reminding others what the season is all about. OffWhite is helping spread the Christmas cheer with shareable holiday messages on Facebook. Check it out at Facebook.com/LikeOffWhite, and help us share the holiday spirit. From all of us here at OffWhite, Happy Holidays and have a blessed New Year.
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